Ready to make a lasting impact on athlete mental ​health? Join NAAMH on our journey to empower ​athletes of all ages. Explore exciting career ​opportunities with us and be a part of a movement ​that's redefining mental well-being in sports. Apply ​now and let's create positive change together!

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May 1st-May 31st

About our organization

Founded in 2021, NAAMH (National Association for Athletes' Mental Health) is a driving force in ​revolutionizing how we perceive and address mental health in sports. Our mission is to enhance athletes’ ment​al health across all ages through research, policy development, education, advocacy, and resource prov​ision. Join us in reshaping the narrative and enhancing mental well-being for athletes across the nation.

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Our Vision

A nation where athletes have the mental health resources ​to triumph on and off the playing field, unlocking ​boundless potential and resilience.

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The Future

NAAMH is gearing up for an extraordinary journey that ​promises to be a pivotal moment in our ongoing mission. ​Our commitment to athletes' mental health takes center ​stage, as we unveil a series of impactful campaigns and ​initiatives designed to redefine the conversation around ​mental well-being in the sports arena. This year marks a ​significant chapter in our quest to break down barriers, ​challenge stigmas, and foster a culture that prioritizes ​mental health with the same vigor as physical prowess.

Our Values


Committing to the continuous education of athletes, coaches, and the public on mental ​health matters to reduce stigma and increase understanding.


Fostering an inclusive environment that recognizes and addresses the diverse mental ​health needs of athletes across all levels.


Upholding the highest standards of integrity in research, policy development, ​education, and advocacy to ensure the well-being of athletes.


Promoting collaboration with athletes, sports organizations, and mental health ​professionals to create a comprehensive and effective support system.


Embracing innovative approaches in research, policy, and resource provision to ​continually advance and optimize mental health support for athletes.

Breaking Stigma ​with SAP

The Student Advocacy Program (SAP) ​provides a unique opportunity for students to ​actively engage and contribute to positive ​change on their campus. Through SAP, ​students can play a pivotal role in promoting ​mental health awareness and support within ​their community, fostering a culture of well-​being and inclusivity. Learn more about our ​Student Advocacy Program.​

Join the Movement Become an Advocate

We are Hiring!

We are currently in the process of expanding our team, we're ​actively seeking talented individuals to join us at the National ​Association for Athletes Mental Health (NAAMH). At the ​NAAMH, we believe in the power of a dedicated and diverse ​team to drive our mission forward. As we gear up for growth, ​we are actively scouting for talented individuals who share our ​passion for enhancing athletes' mental health. If you're a ​change-maker, committed to making a positive impact, and ​eager to contribute to a dynamic organization, stay tuned for ​upcoming opportunities to join our team. Together, we can ​make a difference in the world of athlete mental wellness. ​Follow us for updates and exciting career opportunities on the ​horizon!

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